Single API to Access Global NDC Content

Ideal solution for OTAs, OBTs, CBTs to seamlessly adopt the NDC standard.

Save on development time, costs, and avoid fragmentation pain points.

Picture of the product
  • Real-time (streaming) shopping aggregation
  • NDC vendor & version agnostic normalization and homogenization of NDC contents
  • Full NDC capabilities: Shopping, Booking, Issuing, and full Servicing
  • Automated Order Changes & Order Refunds, Voids, management of Disruptions
  • NDC Public, Private, Negotiated, and Corporate fares
  • No GDS surcharge or consolidation hidden fees
  • On-the-fly multicurrency conversion
  • Processed and categorized Fare Rules
  • Pre-sale and Post-sale Ancillaries addition/removal to orders
  • Order history, comments, and fully customizable Remarks
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